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Make everyday a Friday and uncover the best speakeasy, rooftop, hidden and quirky bars with Friday Drinks. We’ve sipped through town finding the best bars London has to offer. From North to South, East to West Friday Drinks have experienced it all and so should you.

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London’s Best Cocktail Bars

From North to South, East to West, Whether on a date or just want to have a good time. Uncover our list of the Top Cocktail Bars in London .

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Other World

Other World (Hackney)

Immerse yourself in the “Other World.” The other world is a playground of the senses, hosting sixteen unforgettable experiences. Ever wanted to fight a Zombie Apocalypse? Ever wanted to climb Mount Everest?  Well, now you can, the only known portals reside in Haggerston. Step inside and leave it all behind. The Otherworld is a playground for the gamers, the foodies and most importantly for those after work drinks, be it Friday Drinks or Drinks on a Monday.

Friday Drinks

Barrio Bars (Angel)

Barrio bars are inspired by Tropical, Latin American and Polynesian colours, flavors, and designs with compliments of vintage and retro 60s imagery sprinkled throughout. Perfect For your Friday Drinks.

Friday Drinks

Frenchie (Covent Garden)

Tells a story through their Friday Drink, with the cocktail menus tripping around the globe to represent significant places in Gregory’s life; London, Paris, Asia, the Middle East and New York.

Friday Drinks

The Booking Office (Kings Cross)

Wannabe involved? Yes the Booking Office have created cocktails based on the iconic 90’s moment as it was indeed the Wannabe music video which was filmed at their hotel!